UPDATE: The Kleptocatic Dream


Today Jon finished the 2nd draft of The Kleptocatic Dream as well as mapping out the illustrations.  We’re polishing it up for a final draft. Next phase is research and development.  The first step, which has already begun, is compiling source images.  Simultaneously we will work up story boards based on the source images as well as character and environment profiles.



The Kleptocatic Dream

We’ve decided to get started on the first installment of a transmedia project designed for a child audience.

The project consists of a series of stories that will translate into multiple forms of media: storybook, animation, audio, mobile game, and various products.  All of the stories in the series have been roughed in.  The first we’ve decided to finalize is called The Kleptocatic Dream.  It is a story about a megalomaniac  feline who decides to conquer the world of man.

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